EBC Swap is the ideal place for the valueless coins and tokens to be discarded and exchanged for EBC Coin through our supported wallet and finally connect people to strengthen EBC Community.

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EBC Swap is the first application in the crypto world that allows people to swap dead coins for EBC, the core-value coin of EtherBanking ecosystem.

Log into EBC Wallet

Firstly, you will need to open the official myebc.io website on your browser and sign up for a free account. After that, log back into EBC Wallet - the most common choice for token swap.

The registration for a myebc.io account also gives you a chance to experience other products in EtherBanking Ecosystem.

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Deposit coins and tokens

Now, you are finally ready to deposit some coins and tokens into your wallet. EBC Swap supports users to swap some types of dead coins and ERC20 tokens. You choose the type of coin or token you want to swap and follow the instructions, then deposit seems to be a piece of cake.

(Please be noticed that, after sending these coins and tokens into EBC Wallet, you are temporarily unable to withdraw to external place.)

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Swap and use EBC

Convert your unwanted coins and tokens into EBC Coin on some ratio and store, manage it for exchanging or other purposes.

Swap process takes place very quickly, just one minute a day on average. The introducing of new members to join EtherBanking Ecosystem contributes to speed up your conversion process. Therefore, becoming a conscientious sponsor not only create benefits for yourself, but also bring a powerful promotion for community.

Swap with EBCWallet


When developing and marketing our products, it is critical to clearly understand and communicate the offering's features and benefits.


Total process from registration to deposit, especially swap takes place very quickly. We are trying to provide best user experiences.


Choose the coins and tokens you'd like to swap and easily convert to your fund. Fast cryptocurrency exchanges & a delightful process.


Knowledgeable Support Team

Friendly local support team equipped to help you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions.



We offer competitive token swap ratio that updates in real time. Our liquidity in cryptocurrency trading continually improves.

Multicoin Wallet

No need to register for multiple accounts on different wallet websites, swapped EBC Coin is kept in EBC Wallet as well.


EBC Swap's objectives are creating a second opportunity for those who possess dead coins, as well as connecting people to strengthen EBC Ecosystem Community.

- EBC Team -



The EBC Coin is creating an ecosystem that will substantially increase customers' confidence, market liquidity and provide efficient market pricing for all variety of investors. Our primary objective is to become the pioneer in linking crypto world to the current traditional financial industry.